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Body systems, imagination, fun,
and mnemonics in a single
award-winning board game.
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COMPLEXITY is a unique educational board game that offers a window into the fascinating machinery of life. Though the subject matter may be challenging, the gameplay is easy and engaging.

Color-coded body systems, mnemonic clues, strategy and chance, physical challenges, and thought-provoking questions all contribute to an unforgettable and fun-filled journey.


        While winning is a delightful reward, the real prize is a deeper understanding of how your incredible body functions. This board game will lay a foundation (mind map) for future anatomy and physiology studies and impact your choices regarding diet, fitness, and health. But regardless of whether you need inspiration or soaring test scores, a grand adventure awaits when you embark on the curious Health Quest of COMPLEXITY. Read the Health Quest RULES.

Wise castaways, however, may first play the Body System Battles to learn the lay of the land. Read more.

Visit the Educator and Game Component pages for educational information and printable resources.

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  • Initial sticker assembly is required which takes approximately 30 minutes. Please contact me if you prefer to purchase a preassembled game.

  • Educational information, various game play options, and student worksheets are available on the Educator's page.

  • Player ages:12+

       Game time: 45-60 minutes, flexible

       Players: 2-6, or classroom

Serious Play Gold Award for COMPLEXITY
Educational Information and Supplemental Resources
Information and teaching resources for the educator
Educational objectives of the game components
What Others Say

Professional game review by Jeff Provine

"Some educational games suffer from minimal mechanics, but Complexity has solid gameplay stemming from chance cards, as well as competitive strategy to claim body systems that will intrigue even experienced gamers. Players learn not only the game’s effective tactics but also the complex systems that make the human body run..." Read more

"Our family has really enjoyed Complexity. This is a great way to learn about the body and have fun at the same time. I like that we have the flexibility to play a full game or optionally play a shorter game if we have less time. Very clever resource for teachers and parents who are looking for an educational activity or just a fun game. Very happy with Complexity." Patrick P.

"Super fun and educational! My fellow nursing students and I played this game together - it's a great supplement to our education (and its very fun!) I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about the body or for any type of health science student." Arianna E.

Academic's Choice Review Highlights

"Complexity is a fantastic way to learn about the human anatomy. Players learn the 10 body systems and how they function in a fun and exciting way. If you homeschool your kids, or have multiple copies for a single classroom, your health and anatomy class is covered! My 6th grader and I learned so much during the game! It was actually quite challenging for him, yet he stayed engaged most of the time. I really like how it was set on a kind of "Survivor" like platform while at the same time addressing multiple learning modalities." 


"We learned about the body and it's functions in a really fun way! The theme of the game really fired up their imaginations and helped my kids stay engrossed in the content. It made the material more meaningful and memorable. I liked how well the game was made and how simple the game is set up." Read more


I am deeply indebted to all the special people who encouraged and advised me on this journey. A special thank you to my sister, Reen, who patiently taught me how to use Inkscape and cheered me on from concept development to the final product. Many teachers, friends, and students bravely tested prototypes and provided invaluable feedback which I don't take for granted. I accept sole responsibility, though for any errors that may be found herein. To my husband and sons, thank you for your advice, support, and patience.

    All credit for the subject matter, concept idea, artwork, and ability to complete this work I give to my heavenly Father. It is His handiwork on display; He gave me my mind, eyes, hands, and the resources to make it all possible. All honor and glory to Him alone.

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