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Why TechnoNature?

      TechnoNature's aims to explore the technological wonders found in nature, to share and discuss some of this incredible information, and to provide unique educational resources to inspire young minds. The reason for this assiduous endeavor demands further explanation. 


      People have made impressive advances in technology over the years. Building on the shoulders of geniuses, they design and manufacture increasingly superior computers, machines, structures, and systems. These incredible achievements, however, pales in comparison to the technology and design found in nature. Its endless wonders from the macro- to the nano levels are worth exploring. 

   The tiniest single-cell organisms are cities of constant activity. Each cell’s computerized control center manages a myriad of molecular machines, energy plants, communication systems, factories, and infrastructures. Multiplying itself requires a bewildering array of signals and moving parts. No part acts independently; instead, a symphony of parts must play together both harmoniously and purposefully for life to exist.  The cell is indeed the antithesis of “simple.” This is eloquently demonstrated by the scientific animation, the "Inner Life of the Cell", produced by XVIVO for Harvard's BioVisions.

In multi-cellular organisms, cells join as organs or specialized tissue arranged in systems which also performs intricate and interdependent operations with extraordinary complexity. Take the brain for example.

      The 3lb (1350g) human brain is the most complex matter in the physical universe. Its speed, connections, and ability to process and store information far exceed that of modern supercomputers. Without our brains' structured computational abilities, intelligent and logical reasoning are impossible. Our brain enable us to connect with our environment and have abundant lives filled with emotions, experiences, and achievements. Our brain also enable us to comprehend the idea that we are made by the living God who cares.

Chuquiragua, the "Flower of the Andes"

        Just as buildings reflect the character and expertise of the architect, nature reveals the Architect of life who has infinite intelligence and power to create diversity and extravagant beauty. Yahweh, the almighty I AM, is the timeless ultimate lawgiver and sustainer of our ordered universe, not merely a character on the stage of a mythical creation story. He is worthy of our adoration and admiration. This encircles the mission of TechnoNature, which is to stand for reason and truth in the field of science. Knowing about the living God’s magnificent creation, however, is only an intriguing start.

        Human life has intrinsic value because we are image-bearers of God. He endowed us with a body, soul, and spirit so that we can know Him. God gave us the Bible to answer our “why” questions of life, to reveal our dark hearts, and to tell us about His redeeming love. All this so we can glorify Him with a life filled with love, hope, purpose, and the anticipation of walking with Him one day in the Promised Land. In the end, that is all that matters.

"By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible".

Hebrews 11:3 NIV.

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