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Complexity Boardgame
For the Educator
COMPLEXITY - the educational value

    The social and educational benefits of playing board games have been well described. In our digital age of isolation, I daresay gameschooling is even more important than ever before for young and old alike. Here then is where COMPLEXITY aims to make an impact.

    COMPLEXITY offers a unique window into the fascinating machinery of the human body. With the introductory game, Body System Battles, students will be able to quickly memorize the body systems and main structures. With the fun, fast paced Health Quest game, they will gain a deeper understanding of the functions and interactions of the parts and the whole body. Below  more information regarding these game options.

    As the human body is utterly complex, attaining knowledge and insight is a daunting task. COMPLEXITY combines the powerful methods of mnemonic (association) and whole-brain learning with easy but solid game mechanics such as strategy, resource control, and chance.  Each game component is designed to teach complex concepts effortlessly, the players often unaware of how much they gain. The multi-modal learning strategy incorporates:

  • Visual learning: Color-coded body systems and mnemonic images strongly promote visual learning. The game is especially geared towards creating a 3D mind map of the human body that will enable recall and insight for years instead of days. The colorful Systems Guide and flashcards, disguised as play cards, provide factual information at basic and advanced levels. The Systems Guide may be copied and distributed to students.

  • Auditory learning: Reading cards aloud and discussing thought-provoking prompts stimulate auditory and interactive learning.

  • Kinesthetic learning: Physical activities and game pieces provide tactile experiences for active learners.


    When coupled with positive social interaction, these teaching methods ensures retained comprehensive knowledge of the human body. The 3D mind map of the human body provided by COMPLEXITY is foundational not only for study of body systems, anatomy, nutrition, and medicine, but also to the students' personal health choices for years to come.

COMPLEXITY - an interactive textbook 

    COMPLEXITY contains all the information and components needed to use it as a body systems interactive textbook. Optional worksheets are provided below. This versatile game system accommodates multiple:

  • Age levels: The game mechanics incorporate strategy, resource control, and luck to facilitate engaging game play for all ages ten and up.

  • Group sizes: COMPLEXITY can accommodate groups of any size with the help of digital images displayed on a screen, printable student worksheets (see below), and/or interactive apps to answer questions as an optional tool to encourage individual participation. Playing the game for 10 minutes at the end of class periods can greatly motivate students to participate and master study material.

Playing Complexity
  • Expertise levels: Even though prior knowledge is helpful, it is not required. You may choose to complete the Body System Battles activity & game (see below) to quickly familiarize students with the body systems before embarking on the Health Quest journey. The focus though is to learn while playing thereby facilitating whole-brain learning.

  • Play times: Both games can be completed in 45 minutes or played incrementally as time allows. Play times will also vary depending on educational goals and the depth of discussions sparked by challenge cards.

COMPLEXITY - game options
Game Options

Body System Battles - Activity & Game

This optional, but highly recommended, introductory placement activity and game will enable students to begin building their mind map of the human body. With the use of the game board, banners, and worksheets, students can learn the anatomy and functions of ten body systems and 33 main parts within one to two hours. Scroll down to Body System Battles Instructions & Printouts for more info.

Please contact me to request the digital files of the worksheets as they are free with the purchase of a game.


                    Teaching larger groups?

Purchase the Body System Battles game system in a digital format to print and use in the classroom. It is an powerful and affordable teaching supplement that uses the same mnemonic devices as the board game. Please visit Teachers Pay Teachers for more information.

Gear UP.png

The Health Quest Game


This game continues to expand the 3D mind map of the human body to reach a deeper understanding of how the systems and their parts function together as one incredible machine. The Health Quest rules and all game components are included with the board game.


   The game is set on a deserted island and every round is a "day" where players have to complete an activity. These activities include collecting banners, answering question- or consequence cards,  powering up, and resting on day seven. On day seven everyone earns a health chip as resting on day seven is important for mental, spiritual, and physical health.


   The game emphasizes the importance of nutrition therefor the currency is nutrient dense calories from unprocessed food. The goal is to not only survive but finish with the best health score. Visit the Game Components page for more information and examples of challenge cards.

Student Worksheets and Educational Supplements

Below are links to supplemental worksheets that students may use to make their own notes as they study body systems and structures.

Material is copyrighted by TechnoNature 2019. All rights reserved.

You may downloaded and print the material as needed for educational purposes only. It may not be altered, publicly displayed, or sold.

Larger digital files are available upon request.

Anatomy Worksheet

The Anatomy Worksheet illustrates the anatomy of the body and may be used to label parts and make notes. (A color print of 11" X 17" is optimal.)

You may find the Anatomy Answer Key handy as well.


Body Systems Test

The Body Systems Test may be used to evaluate students both before and after engaging game activities. The test should take less than 10 minutes.


Human Anatomy Poster

A high resolution full-color poster of the human anatomy (image to the right) is available as a digital download at Teachers Pay Teachers. This unique poster displays all ten body systems reflecting the color-coded system of COMPLEXITY.


Flash Cards

The  Systems Guide included in the game may be copied and handed to students to make their own flash cards.

Alternatively, you can copy Question Cards on card stock and let students write the answers on the back.

Body Complete_print abf website.png
BSB Signpost.png

Body System Battles - Instructions & Printouts

Note: The three worksheets below are free with the purchase of a game, please contact me to request the files. They are also available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

  1. Instructions Guide: The Instructions Guide provides teaching instructions and game options. 

  2. Prepare for Battle Sheet - Preview: The Prepare Sheet is an outline of the game board. It may be used to make notes and keep track of banners. A color print of 11" X 17" is optimal.

  3. Engage in Combat Sheet - Preview: The Engage Sheet is an outline of the game board without the banner codes. Print one color print (11" X 17") per team; it is reusable.

  4. System Cards Worksheet - Preview: Print copies of the Systems Card Sheet  for groups of 4 or more students. US Letter size.

  5. Anatomy Worksheet: Optional. The Anatomy Worksheet illustrates the anatomy of the body and may be used to label parts and make notes. A color print of 11" X 17" is optimal. You may find the Anatomy Answer Key handy as well.

  6. Body Systems Test: Optional. The Body Systems Test may be used to evaluate students both before and after completing the Body System Battles activity. The test should take less than 10 minutes.

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