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Recommended Resources

    I  I grew up in South Africa, a beautiful country with stunning biodiversity. It is the "cradle of mankind," some claimed and taught us about evolution in schools. I dutifully completed my Evolution of the Horse project and studied origin trees, but things didn't add up. I could not reconcile those ideas with the intricate design and beauty I saw in nature and with the Biblical account of creation found in the book of Genesis.

It was not till we came to the United States and heard Ken Ham from AiG speak, some 25 years ago, that the puzzle pieces fell in place. With deep excitement, I started to examine the living world in a new way and found resources that gave me much insight and perspective over the years.

    Below is a list of a few of these resources. I do not necessarily agree with all claims made because humans are fallible, and much of life remains a mystery. Click on the book images for more information.  First on the list is a book I wrote as a resource for young adults.

On Design and Technology
Reason to Believe in the Living God who Cares

A Reason to Believe in the Living God Who Cares, by Elmarie Meintjes.

This unconventional study guide explores core issues regarding truth, science, and the nature of man and God. It engages the mind with well referenced easy-to-read reviews, color photos and illustrations, as well as challenging questions and answers from the Bible. Each of the 27 sections can be completed in around 30 minutes or more, making it ideal for both individual and group study. Young adults, or anyone searching for the truth, will find this compact resource extremely helpful to clarify the big picture of their journey. See inside.

Answers Magazine

Answers Magazine, by Answers in Genesis.

This engaging and informative magazine as well as many other outstanding articles, books, and videos are available at Answers in Genesis.

Answers Reseach Journal

Answers Research Journal, by Answers in Genesis.

"Cutting-edge creation research. Free. Answers Research Journal (ARJ) is a professional, peer-reviewed technical journal for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific and other relevant research from the perspective of the recent Creation and the global Flood within a biblical framework."

Creation Magazine

Creation Magazine, by Creation Ministries International.

This excellent magazine and countless books, articles, and videos are provided by Creation Ministries International.


Undeniable, by Douglas Axe.

"Throughout his distinguished and unconventional career, engineer-turned-molecular-biologist Douglas Axe has been asking the questions that much of the scientific community would rather silence. Now, he presents his conclusions in this brave and pioneering book."

By Design
Machinery of Life

By Design, by Jonathan Sarfatti.

"Dr Jonathan Sarfati presents case after case for amazing design in the living world, and demolishes theories of chemical evolution of the first life. Yet unlike many in the prominent Intelligent Design Movement, he is up-front about the truth of the Bible. This enables him to refute many anti-design arguments, and answer the key question: ‘Who is the Designer?’"

The Machinery of Life, by David S. Goodsell.

"A remarkable voyage into the inner workings of the tiniest components of life." Dr. Goodsell's research presents us with a glimpse of the mind boggling complexity of life. His outstanding work is based mainly on observational science with some reference to evolutionary theories.

Discovery of Design

Discovery of Design, by Donald DeYoung & Derrik Hobbs.

"This book is an exciting look at biomimicry—the use by scientists of ideas from nature to develop new products, solve problems, and answer challenges in fields as diverse as medicine and space exploration."

After its kind

After Its Kind, by Donna Miller

"A collection of photographs Steve and Donna Miller have captured on several outings across Texas — from north Texas to the Texas coast. In sharing these photographs, the Miller’s hope to “focus” the viewer on the beauty, design and mystery of God’s awesome creation, A creation that points us back to the Creator Himself."

The Human Body
The Human Body

Guide to the Human Body, by ICR.

"Guide to the Human Body: God's Amazing Design looks at the human body as the work of God's creation. Easy-to-read two-page chapters feature a variety of illustrations and photographs cover the history of anatomy, genetics, the systems of the body, the five senses, cancer, organ transplants, bioethics, and more." For our younger readers.

Body by Design

Body by Design, by Allen L Gillen

"From the engineering marvel of the human foot to the eye's 10 billion calculations per second, Gillen's exploration of basic anatomy and physiology consistently testifies that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! This ideal high school text offers clear explanations, examples, diagrams, and illustrations of the human body."

hearing ear and seeing eye

The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye, by David Menton, M.D. DVD

"Anatomist Dr. David Menton takes you on a journey into the marvelous intricacies of the human ear, which has the clear stamp of the Creator and leaves skeptics speechless."

Toxic Relief

Toxic Relief, by Don Colbert, M.D.

"Dr. Don Colbert provides an easy-to-understand and comprehensive explanation of the toxic battle you're in. He also exposes risk factors and provides alternative solutions for living free from cancer, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and more."

See also his other books on nutrition and health such as Let Food Be Your Medicine.

The God-shaped brain

The God-shaped Brain, by Timothy R. Jennings, M.D.

"In The God-Shaped Brain, psychiatrist Tim Jennings unveils how our brains and bodies thrive when we have a healthy understanding of who God is. He dispels common misconceptions about God and shows how different God concepts affect the brain differently. Our brains can adapt, change, and rewire with redeemed thinking that frees us from unnecessary pain and suffering. Discover how neuroscience and Scripture come together to bring healing and transformation to our lives."

Various Online Videos

Click on the butterfly for a compilation of some educational videos that I have found helpful when teaching high school biology classes.

I am neither affiliated with any of the video producers, nor do I necessarily agree with all the information presented. I am merely appreciative of their work, which gave me the ability to explain complex ideas and stimulate discussions. Let me know your favorite videos, I'll add them to the list.

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