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FIxing Foolish Card Game
FIxing Foolish Logo

An engaging card game with 

                  a perfectly curious curriculum

                               for the basic anatomy and physiology all teens should know.

Whether by accident or choice, foolishness hurts. Based on true stories, from comical to dangerous, this engaging card game explores some of the injuries and ways to fix it.


But wait, there's more!

Color-coded body systems,

cool icons for organ function,

a systems mind map,

 unique anatomy guide,

and colorful worksheets,

takes the study of BODY SYSTEMS

to a whole different level.

It is, after all, a quirky educational card game.



  1. Deck of 54 System Cards 

  2. Deck of 35 Story Cards

  3. A quick reference rules card

FIxing Foolish Game Card

System Cards

  • 43 body system cards (9 body systems with some of their organs)

  • 3 Wild cards

  • 8 ‘Fixing’ cards with STOP and EMERGENCY ROOM signs

story card web.png

​Story Cards

  • Top: The STORY (in a few words)

  • Middle: The DAMAGE (injured organs)

  • Bottom: FIX IT (organs that will repair the damage, a visit the emergency room, or a stop sign as a warning)

Together these two decks of cards give you a glimpse into the incredible design and daily operations of your own body machinery!



Print a flyer with detailed gameplay information

  • US letter paper, print double-sided and select 'paper source by PDF size' for best results

  • For classroom use only

​Gameschooling with FIXING FOOLISH

Order your game from Game Crafters

Contact me if you have any questions or to order a game directly from TechnoNature

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